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We are UUs who believe more conversation is needed before we vote on fundamental changes to our Principles, Sources, and commitment to Freedom of Belief.


We are inviting all UUs into a National Conversation on Article II. The proposed changes are sweeping, impacting all congregations and individual UUs.

Decision at GA in 2024

A vote is scheduled to accept or reject the proposed Article II. A 2/3 majority vote is required. If passed, the Article II changes will go into effect immediately.

Join the National UU Conversation

Video Library

Our open access Video Library contains videos you can share with friends, your congregation and on your Social Media.

Resource Library

Our Resource Library contains an analysis of the changes proposed in Article II and other material so you can do a Deeper Dive.

Zoom Town Hall Meetings

We have scheduled four Town Hall meetings to allow UUs across the country to hear the hopes and expectations of other UUs.

About Us

We are a growing constituency of everyday UUs concerned that our UUA leadership is pursuing major changes to Article II without UUs being fully aware of the implications for our faith.

At the last General Assembly leadership promised the delegates that a yes vote on their changes would be a vote to continue the dialogue. This was simply not true. 

It is our view that when a majority of UU’s become familiar with the nature of these changes they will be as concerned as we are and demand a far more thorough and detailed dialogue. 

We are sponsoring this National Conversation so that UUs can voice their hopes, concerns, criticisms, and expectations.

UU the Conversation is designed to engage and educate UUs on what is at stake at the June General Assembly vote and encourage them to become General Assembly delegates and vote to reject the proposed Article II language.

Why Have a National Conversation?

The changes to Article II substantively alter Unitarian Universalism

The Seven Principles are effectively eliminated; replaced by Values, demanding action. 

The Six Sources are effectively eliminated; replaced by a reference to our religious ancestry. 

Congregational independence is undermined.  Power is reversed.

The explicit commitment to Freedom of Individual Belief is abandoned!

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Become a GA Delegate

Only General Assembly delegates can vote to accept or reject the proposed Article II language.

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