Become a Delegate

Become a General Assembly (GA) Delegate

We encourage you to become a GA delegate and use the democratic process to help determine the direction of Unitarian Universalism at the June 2024 virtual General Assembly.

If you have never attended a General Assembly or been a delegate, there is information below to help you through the process.

If you have a question, please Contact Us.

Important Information

    • Only General Assembly delegates can vote.
    • Congregations grant delegate status to their members.
    • Contact your Board as soon as possible and tell them that you want to be a GA delegate.
    • Not all congregations are “certified” to send delegates. Check with your Board.
    • Your congregation will submit its slate of delegates.
    • The General Assembly Team will email your delegate credentials to you.
    • The June 20 – 23, 2024 General Assembly is completely virtual.
    • Business Delegates can attend for free. A donation is requested.
    • Delegates must also register for General Assembly.
    • See below for more information and important links.

    You May Wish to Have a Paid Registation

    • Full paid registration is required to join discussions outside of Business Sessions.
    • General Assembly provides a number of programs and workshops that can require a paid registration.
    • A paid registration also gives access to the Virtual Exhibitor Hall.
    • If you are a Business Delegate or a fully paid Delegate, you can vote on Article II.

    More Information

    The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) website has several pages with helpful information.

    Register for General Assembly

    Follow this link to start the General Assembly registration process.

    • If you are a first time GA attendee, you will need to create an account on the UUA website.
    • When you have an account, log in.
    • Follow the directions on the website to complete the registration process.

    Technology Requirements

    The General Assembly Team has provided a Technology Guide to attend this virtual GA.

    • Virtual participation requires high speed internet access and a desktop/laptop computer. Smartphones and tablets can be used as supplemental screens for streaming video, voting, or chatting, but they do not by themselves accommodate a full user experience. There will be opportunity in advance of General Assembly for you to test the offsite participation portal and ensure your ability to participate.
    • Virtual Participation Requirements: Internet connection that can support streaming video; up-to-date Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac devices; and an up-to-date version of Zoom.
    • Delegate Participation Requirements: A laptop or desktop computer is needed to fully participate as a delegate in the delegate platform. Tablets/Smartphones can be used as a ‘second’ screen to vote and chat but shouldn’t be used as your primary way of participating as a delegate. If you want to be seen during Zoom Sessions when speaking, you will also need a webcam. Headphones are recommended.
    • Accessibility: ASL interpretation is available for General Sessions, Major Worships, and Featured Speakers. Some live GA events are presented with live human captioning; some are presented with automated captioning. Automated captions captured during an event are edited before being posted with the event recording. The GA Accessibility Services volunteer team is available for assistance.
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